Friday 1 February 2013

It is Carnival!

Once we were young and stupid, now we are no more young
(quote attributed to Mick Jagger)

OK, I am stupid, but the Taung Child face was the only 3D data I had in my computer at this moment, so I gave a try to a software we would like to add in ArcheOS.
We are working on the implementation of some new functionalities for the next release (Theodoric), especially regarding a good 3d engine and some augmented reality applications. I think Alessandro, surfing on the net, found the right open source software (openspace3d) and, with the help of ORNis (aka Romain Janvier) we hope to port it in GNU/Linux as soon as possible.
So here is the result of the first test:

Do not worry for the slow reaction of the software, it is mainly caused by the on-line screen recorder I was using to register the video (it was based on Java and it slowed down a little bit the applications that were running on my computer...). As usual, if you want to help us (also for software evaluation), just join ArcheOS channel on IRC.
Stay tuned :).

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  1. I forgot to mention that the experiment was possible thanks to Cicero Moraes, who reconstructed the face of the Taung Child. Thank you Cicero!


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