Sunday 10 March 2013

Homo habilis - forensic facial reconstruction step-by-step (screenshots)

Last but not least, I finished the reconstruction of a Homo habilis to be exposed at an event about human evolution in May 2013.

I chose to close with this model because I saw an opportunity to test a new methodology.

Upon receiving the skull reconstructed by Prof. Dr. Moacir Elias Santos, it was evident that besides not being very symmetrical parts were missing.

To harmonize the view without losing data, was enough to mirror the object in the X axis But there was still part of the zygomatic arches, and jaw.

Through deformation via Edit Mode (Blender 3D) with Connected activated, it was possible to deform the skull of a chimpanzee until it to conform with the model scanned and imaged.

The details of the reconstruction can be seen in an album I created in Picasaweb:

Follow the step-by-step via screenshot and see how the work was produced, starting in the import of the skull and ending in the final render.


These hominids reconstructions are "sons" of Taung Project.

It is a group work by internet in Italy and Brazil.

So, I have to thank some people to make this project possible:

Alesandro and Luca Bezzi (IT)
Giuseppe Naponiello (IT)
Arc-Team (IT)
Moreno Tiziani, Antrocom (IT)
Dr. Nicola Carrara (IT)
Antropological Museum of Padua (IT)
Prof. Dr. Moacir Elias Santos (BR)
Vivian Noitel Valim Tedardi (BR)

Thank you very much!

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