Thursday 7 March 2013

Homo erectus pekinensis - Forensic facial reconstruction using a CT-Scan reference

Second Wikipedia:

"Peking Man, Homo erectus pekinensis, is an example of Homo erectus. A group of fossil specimens was discovered in 1923–27 during excavations at Zhoukoudian (Chou K'ou-tien) near Beijing (written "Peking" before the adoption of the Pinyin romanization system), China. More recently, the finds have been dated from roughly 750,000 years ago, and a new 26Al/10Be dating suggests they are in the range of 680,000–780,000 years old."

In order to make this facial forensic reconstruction was used a CT-Scan of a modern man.

After it was reconstruction in 3D and imported in Blender, a modifier called Lattice was used to make the deformation of the skull (and the skin) to match with the pekinensis skull.

The sequence of reconstruction process was the same used in Taung Child.

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