Monday 29 July 2013

Darcy's mysteries

After I reconstructed a face of a skeleton called Joaquim, placed in Medicine History Museum (MUHM),  I was invited to do other job for a skull that belonged to the same donator.

When I traveled to Porto Alegre to talk in a conference (FISL 14), I took the opportunity to know Joaquim, do a TV interview, and see the other skull.

In the first view I didn't see anything different on the structure of the skull. I took it in my hands to a room and I took some photos and make a 3D scanning.

I took pictures from top and bottom to make a complete 3D scanning with PPT-GUI.

When I saw the skull, I imagined that it belonged to a woman. To have more safety I sent the 3D mesh to Dr. Paulo Miamoto, a forensic specialist to make a report about the sex of the individual.

To my surprise, the report was inconclusive. The protocol have a range o 1 to 5. 1 is a lot woman, and 5 is a lot man, the result was 2,4!

We take the opinion of other specialists and a half told that was a woman, a half that was a man.

Because this ambiguity, we starts to call the skull with a Portuguese neutral name: Darcy.

This was one of the misteries, the other appeared during the 3D modeling.

In the video above we have the process of the reconstruction. Apparently it doesn't hane anithyng different with the shape of the face.

When I put the skin, I noted that in the area of the top of the head I had to decrease the volume a lot.

When we see the two mesh side-by-side, Joaquim (an little man at left) and Darcy (at right), we can see a notorious difference at the top of the head.

The skull was submitted to a neurologist to be analyzed.

I don't have any knowledge not even for speculate about the result. We have to wait.

I hope you enjoy.

A big hug and see you in the next!

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